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AIMP v3.50 Build 1277 [19.06.2013]

domingo, 30 de junho de 2013

Version 3.5 Final Released !


- Fixed: Common - Some bugs in localizations
- Fixed: Common - Player can't be associated with file types in some cases
- Fixed: Common - The "All words with capital letter" function change the capitalization of whole word to uppercase in some cases
- Fixed: Playlist - player add files to playlist too long
- Fixed: Tag Editor - Autofilling tags functionality does not work
- Fixed: Small bugs and defects

19.06.2013 | 7.20 MByte | MD5: 45A3AA43696B8E26D318B2D25BCD4D9F

AIMP v3.50 RC 1 Build 1259 [08.05.2013]

domingo, 2 de junho de 2013


* Common: The cover art search now processes the "Cover" and "Scan" subfolders * Common: Application loading speed has been increased - Fixed: Common - player ignores "SONGWRITER" field in CUE-sheet
- Fixed: Audio Converter does not write information about replaygain for album to CUE-sheet
- Fixed: Tag Editor - the "skip this file" option doesn't work in the "Rename" dialog
- Fixed: Skin Engine - position of pinned window calculates incorrectly, if master window is docked to main window
- Fixed: Skin Engine - position of equivalent containers calculates incorrectly in some cases
- Fixed: Skin Engine - bugs in time formatting function
- Fixed: Skin Engine - elements placed on hidden container still visible in some cases
- Fixed: QFI - click on cover art display opens temporary copy of image instead of original
- Fixed: Small bugs and defects

AIMP v3.50 Build 1253 Beta 4 (19.04.2013)
- Fixed: Player - bugs with reading command line switches
- Fixed: Player - Hotkey settings are not saved in some cases
- Fixed: Playlist - An error occurs when trying to execute "Search New Files" dialog
- Fixed: Playlist - no an ability to move selected group inside another even if "Merge with similar categories" option is switched off
- Fixed: Playlist - player add files to playlist too long
- Fixed: Skin Engine - mouse cursor is not recalculated correctly in some cases
- Fixed: Skin Engine - small bugs with providers
- Fixed: Small bugs and defects

AIMP v3.50 Build 1247 Beta 3 (10.04.2013)
+ Common: Added support for panning gesture for listbox like controls
- Fixed: Installer launches the Application as administrator
- Fixed: Internet Radio Browser - an error occurs when closing the window during download operation
- Fixed: Scheduler - bugs with applying playlist as alarm clock melody
- Fixed: Player cannot play tracker music correctly in some cases - only samples are played
- Fixed: Player - hot keys list doesn't repaint correctly after removing the hot key via keyboard
- Fixed: Player - an error occurs when trying to start Audio CD playback from autorun menu
- Fixed: Player - an error occurs when trying to move file from bookmarks popup window to external application via Drag-n-Drop
- Fixed: Playlist - filename of tracklist cuts off in some cases
- Fixed: Playlist - the list doesn't scroll to searching item via quick search if it placed in collapsed group
- Fixed: Skin Engine - an error occurs when trying to undock tray-control from the screen edge
- Fixed: Skin Engine - containers visibility doesn't save to configuration file
- Fixed: Audio Library - an error occurs when trying to remove playable file
- Fixed: Audio Library - data cache doesn't refresh after removing operation
- Fixed: Small bugs and defects

AIMP v3.50 Build 1237 Beta 2 (08.03.2013) - Fixed: Tag Editor save incorrect information about the size of ID3v2 tag

AIMP v3.50 Build 1236 Beta 2 (07.03.2013)
* Audio Converter: Tags are now stored to WMA and WavPack formats via AIMP tags engine
* Audio Converter: Only common information about the tracks is now stored to the file tags during "All-to-one file" encoding mode
* Player: Response time of the window in "desktop toolbar" mode during adding files via drag-n-drop operation has been decreased
* Player: Playlists reading speed has been increased by 25%
* Skin Engine: Compatibility with old skins has been improved
* Skin Engine: Rendering speed has been increased due caching of the background elements
- Fixed: Installer doesn't create shortcuts under Windows 8
- Fixed: Installer - update mode doesn't work
- Fixed: Simple Scheduler - the state of "shutdown the computer" option isn't stored
- Fixed: Player - few folders without spaces in the names cannot be added to the player via command line
- Fixed: Player - the plug-ins table jumps to beginning after any plug-in is unloaded
- Fixed: The tag editor stores two copies of cover art to the file in FLAC format
- Fixed: Skin Engine - information in QFI isn't refreshed in some cases
- Fixed: Skin Engine - maximized window reduces its size after AIMP restart
- Fixed: Playlists Managing - preview for few selected playlists doesn't work correctly
- Fixed: Audio Library - all tracks from set are added to the audio converter regardless of which of them were selected
- Fixed: Small bugs and defects

AIMP v3.50 Build 1224 Beta 1 (31.01.2013)
+ Common: Performance has been increased
+ Common: Player no longer supports configuration files from AIMP2
+ Common: Added support of long pathname (more than 260 characters), only for Windows Vista and newer
+ Common: Settings in options dialog has been regrouped
+ Common: Added an ability to split files by chapters (OGG, OPS, M4A and M4B are supported)
+ Sound Engine: Added support for i32v24 sample format
+ Sound Engine: Now player has separate settings for crossfading in manual and automatic switching modes
+ Sound Engine: Equalizer has been improved - now all frequencies are processed between sliders
+ Skin Engine: Potential abilities are extended
+ Skin Engine: An ability to switch off spectrum animation for playable track
+ Skin Engine: An ability to dock window to the top and bottom screen edges
+ Player: Hotkey for the "Reload data from pre-image" command has been added
+ Player: Hotkeys for executing the "Bookmarks Manager" and "Equalizer" dialogs has been added
+ Player: Hotkeys for set mark to playable / selected files has been added
+ Player: Confirmation for the remove equalizer preset operation has been added
+ Player: Equalizer settings has been added to the DSP Manager dialog
+ Player: Now files merge into one queue, when send it to a removable device
+ Player: Added Drag-n-Drop support for the Bookmarks Manager
+ Player: The queue of shuffle playback is now stored on the application closing
+ Player: Playlist tab hint now contains information about playlist content
+ Player: Managing Playlists - added an ability to browse content of closed playlist (with search ability)
+ Audio Converter: Hotkey for start conversion process has been added
+ Audio Converter: Added an ability to save path structure during conversion process
+ Audio Converter: OPUS Encoder has been added
+ CoverArt Downloader: Caching of downloaded files for current work session
+ CoverArt Downloader: Click on image now opens it in external application
+ Scheduler: Alarm Clock - added an ability to execute action after pre-set time period
+ Scheduler: Alarm Clock - added an ability to set playlist as alarm clock ringtone
+ Tag Editor: The "File Size" column has been added
+ Tag Editor: Added an ability to resize window of "Presets Editor" dialog
+ Tag Editor: Rename files - added an ability to replace / remove selected characters
+ Tag Editor: Rename files - bilateral transliteration has been added (Russian - English)
+ Tag Editor: Rename files - new design
+ Tag Editor: Added support of "BPM", "Disc Count" and "Publisher" tag fields
+ Tag Editor: Added support of OPUS format tags
+ Tag Editor: Added an ability to calculate BPM (powered by SoundTouch Library)
+ Audio Library: Mark reading speed has been increased by 10 times
+ Audio Library: Added an ability to display rating instead of mark, if mark is not set
+ Audio Library: Added an ability to switch off automatic jump to next track during playback
+ Audio Library: Added an ability to send files to playlist
+ Audio Library: The "BPM", "Composer", "Publisher" and "File Format" columns has been added
+ Audio Library: Added an ability to add files to data base via Drag-n-Drop
+ Audio Library: Added special context menu for cells of the "Labels" column
+ Audio Library: Hotkeys for playback control has been added
+ Audio Library: New design of the "Labels Manager" dialog
+ Custom Controls: Context menu - added an ability to scroll items via mouse wheel
+ Custom Controls: Context menu - auto scrolling to selected item on menu popup
+ Custom Controls: Now you can switch between tabs via Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab / Ctrl+PageUp and Ctrl+PageDown shortcuts
+ Custom Controls: Scrollbar - added an ability to jump to position under mouse cursor via mouse click with pressed Shift key
+ Custom Controls: ListView and TreeView - per-pixel scrolling has been added
 => [AIMP v3.50 RC1 Build 1259]
08.05.2013 | 7.50 MByte | MD5: B0C6A49A48A5B9E3F145F92B9FA416EE

AIMP v3.20 Build 1165 [2012-12-21 20:20:18]

quarta-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2012


Tag Editor: Cover art now stored to special section in FLAC format
Player: The Algorithm of catching CUE sheets for audio files with double extension has been improved
Fixed: Audio Converter - Sample format saves incorrectly for command line encoders
Fixed: Audio Converter - Error occurs when trying to remove virtual track from disk
Fixed: Radio Capture - Unable to choose command line encoder for capture
Fixed: The "Ctrl+Del" hotkey is intercepted by playlist from secondary text input elements
Fixed: The content of playlist stops drawing in some cases
Fixed: Player doesn't play sound, if initialization of DSP-plugin failed
Fixed: Player doesn't detect CD-drive at "A" letter

 => [AIMP v3.20 Build 1165]
21.12.2012 | 7.27 MByte | MD5: 4536752c42654449bf7a723a10be181e

Rabbit Hole 1.1 (TEST)

quinta-feira, 29 de novembro de 2012

A Nice Visualization for Aimp!

To Install:

After downloading, put the file RabbitHole11.svp  in Aimp plugins main folder,
EX: C:\Program Files\Aimp\Plugins
Open aimp then click right mouse button and choose, Visualization than RabbitHole.

= [Download] 

AIMP v3.20 Build 1163 (28.11.2012)

New Version

AIMP v3.20 Build 1163 (28.11.2012)
* Audio Converter - Track Number column has been added
* Audio Converter - %IN macro is now supported
* Tag Editor - M4A Tag column has been added
* Audio Library - Added an ability to edit tags of playable file
- Fixed: The Error Dialog cannot be closed via ESC key
- Fixed: Equalizer presets created incorrectly during install on Windows with non-russian locale
- Fixed: Radio Capture - Doesn't transfer tags to the file when capturing stream in AAC format without transcoding
- Fixed: Quick Tag Editor - Cover Art from folder does not display for virtual files
- Fixed: Quick Tag Editor - Extended information about radio station does not display, if Editor has been called from "Quick File Info" dialog
- Fixed: Skin Engine - Fully transparent elements in old skins does not drawn correctly
- Fixed: Skin Engine - Delayed update of visualization elements
- Fixed: Small bugs and defects

=> [AIMP v3.20 Build 1163]               
7.27 MByte | MD5: 100ba7611b5a66ad118e0af2618736eb

AIMP v3.20 has been released!

segunda-feira, 19 de novembro de 2012

AIMP v3.20 Build 1155

Common: Added an ability to view embedded Cover Art in original resolution
Common: Equalizer presets are now stored to the separate file on disk
Common: Hint for the "Part repeat A-B" button now contains information about bounds of repeating part
Common: The list of encodings for translating non-unicode text to UTF16 format has been supplemented
Common: Added ability to set path manually in "Browse Folder" dialog

Sound Engine: Added WASAPI Exclusive supports
Sound Engine: The algorithm of input file caching has been improved - now engine access to the disk less frequently
Sound Engine: The maximal size of cache for input file has been increased to 250 MB
Sound Engine: Support of meta data of Internet radio stations in ASF format has been improved

Radio Capture: The module uses the engine of Audio Converter now

Audio Converter: The "Encode All To One File" mode has been added (with / without CUE logging)
Audio Converter: Added an ability to shut down the computer after conversion operation
Audio Converter: Added an ability to change format of input audio stream
Audio Converter: Added an ability to use console encoders
Audio Converter: Added an ability to encode files to MusePack format
Audio Converter: Tags in the ID3v1 now are saved to the file when encoding to MP3 format

Scheduler: Added an ability to switch the computer to sleep mode
Scheduler: Added an ability to wake up the computer
Scheduler: Added an ability to suspend playback and / or close the player before computer shutdown
Scheduler: The Alert will be shown now before computer shutdown

Playlist: The "%!" macro has been added for an ability to implement custom sorting in reverse order

Skin Engine: Drawing speed has been increased

Audio Library: Incremental search has been added to the dropdown list of the filter of table column
Audio Library: Added an ability to flush search query easier

Advanced Tag Editor: Added an ability to choose tag format for which the changes will be saved
Advanced Tag Editor: Added an ability to edit tags in M4A format

Plugins: Ogg Vorbis Encoder has been updated to v1.3.3
Plugins: Decoder for OPUS format has been added

>> ]Download] AIMP v3.20
16.11.2012 | 7.27 MByte | MD5: b352ddb4a6fb5900d19127abb368bc3c

Skin: Denon Classic Style

sexta-feira, 31 de agosto de 2012

Title: Denon Classic Style
Version: 1.0 All in One
Form: Horizontal
Readiness: Full


Compared to the previous version altered practically only playlist, to get rid of bugs with jumps of the main window, and instead of the "PlayList" button added to "Presets".

-> [Download]

Pandemic All-In-One Simple v1.10

Form: All-in-One
Version: AIMP3
Tone: Dark
Surface: Mat

Simple remix of standard AIMP3 skin in All-In-One mode. Included to v3.10 install package
Author of original skin: Kr1eger

=>[Download] Direct Link
=>[Download] Alternative Version Direct Link [edited by Tarik]